Winning Tips

“Teamwork, preparation and rehearsals. That’s what it takes to win.”


Top Team Tips:

1. Top teams know All the arguments your side will be using, and know them well.

2. Top teams try to predict what the opposition will say, and have some *rebuttals ready to go!

3. Top teams rehearse their speeches using cue cards with dot points.
If you try to read your whole speech, the audience a) will not hear you b) only see the top of your head c) find it very boring. Likewise, if you memorise your speech, you run the risk of sounding like a robot, so we recommend you just have a few DOT POINTS on a piece of card or on your iPad.

4. Top teams practice standing tall, looking right at the camera, speaking loudly, confidently … and **smiling. 

** Audiences love to see you standing tall, proud and smiling confidently.

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