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Students, what do you think about this leadership and debating program?
Be critical and constructive.

Teachers, what could make your ‘Student Voice’ more effective in your school?

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13 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Our students are loving being involved and have learnt so much already.

    Pam Kinsman OAM
    Torquay College

  2. Thank you for running the series. We’re really enjoying it!


    Carolyn Crowther
    5/6 Classroom Teacher
    ICT & Inquiry Leader

  3. Thank you for all the work you are doing in organising this competition – it has been a great experience for our students. I have been really impressed with the way they have taken on responsibility for organising their speeches over these weeks.

    thanks, Carol
    Seymour College

  4. Hello Brendan – we received your invite to watch the Yr7 debate grand final – maybe by mistake as we wouldn’t normally be in your mailing list …. but we watched anyway with our four senior grade students – our only yr 7 student was absent.

    It was really good for our students to see the yr 7’s debating – we are remote and are trying to use polycom to keep in touch with class delivery and also meetings etc – in as many ways as possible, so this opportunity was much appreciated even if accidental.

    Please relay our congratulations to the students involved – very impressive arguments and display of how debates work for our students.

    We have had a look at the website and wondered if we could be included on the DL for viewing the debates for gr 56 in term 3 – we have a senior grade room of 7 students from 3 to 7 on Mon – Wed, and 5 students on Thurs and FRi due to part time enrolments and a split campus timetable, so we’re not ready to be included in a draw of competition …. yet.

    Thanks again

    Peter N

  5. Hi Brendan,
    We have really enjoyed being part of the debating this term. As we have 2 other groups (3 other campuses) would it be possible to inviolve each of them for a term each next semester?



  6. – Tawonga Primary School –
    Comments from students:

    – It was exciting keeping to the 1 minute time limit. Putting my point of view across in a timely manner.

    – It was great to look up on a map where all the other schools are located. To be able to talk to schools hundreds of kilometres was pretty awesome!

    – Was good learning how to prepare in a short amount of time.

    – I enjoyed speaking and working hard to try to persuade others to take our point of view.

    – I enjoyed hearing what other people’s opinions on the topics were.

    – I enjoyed working together with my friends in a team. Hearing feedback on how I presented was also valuable.

    (A great opportunity to have our students involved in learning with others from around Victoria. Thanks, N)

  7. I just wanted to say thank you for term 2 debating, our kids at Seymour loved it and learnt so much! We are also wondering if there is going to be a term 3 series and if we can sign up again for it? We now have a number of other students who want to give it a go. I was speaking to another teacher this morning from Pyalong and she is interested in getting involved so if there is going to be a series next term I will let her know to contact you.

    Thank you again,

    Emily Dennis
    Grade 5/6 Teacher
    Seymour College

  8. I learnt in debating to be more confident and to use my voice. Debating was a whole lot of fun and showed me to be confident….. as i said before. And i’m really looking forward to our term 3 of debating. Thanks a lot to Brendan for running our debates.

  9. I learnt to speak more clearly and loudly in front of an audience and to be silent when our mic is on green and not to be rude.

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