Session 8 Week 8 Tuesday 2 June and Thursday 4 June

Debating Round 7 Group A: Tuesday 2 June

Debate 1 TOPIC: “That dogs are indeed mans’ best friend”

Seymour  College (AFFIRMATIVE)  Vs Grovedale  PS (NEGATIVE)
Adjudicator Tallangatta PS
 Torquay   PS

RESULT : Seymour  College (  6.6  pts)  Vs Grovedale  PS – *FORFEITED ( 5.3    pts)

*FORFEIT by Grovedale, so Seymour wins and gets average winning score and Grovedale gets average losing score

Debate 2 TOPIC: “That International travel is important for all people”

Mildura West PS (AFFIRMATIVE)  Vs Werrimul  P-12 (NEGATIVE)
Adjudicator Benalla P-12
 Torquay   PS

RESULT : Mildura West PS (    pts)  Vs Werrimul  P-12(    pts)

Group B: Round 6 Thursday 4 June

Debate 1 TOPIC: “That girls and boys should be in separate classrooms”

Upper Plenty  PS (AFFIRMATIVE)  Vs Peranbin PC (NEGATIVE)
Adjudicator: Apsley PS
  Myrrhee PS

RESULT : Upper Plenty  PS  (  6.95  pts)  Vs Peranbin PC ( 7.1  pts)

Debate 2 TOPIC: “That McDonald’s should be banned in Australia”

Grovedale PS (AFFIRMATIVE)  Vs Tawonga PS (NEGATIVE)
Adjudicator Colac PS
 Myrrhee PS

RESULT : Grovedale PS  ( 4.85   pts)  Vs Tawonga PS (  5.65  pts)

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