Session 4 Week 4  Tuesday 5 May and Thursday 7 May

Group A: Tuesday 5 May

Debate 1 TOPIC: “That bicycle riders in cities should only ride on bike lanes/trails
Schools                 Werrimull  P-12 (AFFIRMATIVE)  Vs   Grovedale  PS (NEGATIVE)
Adjudicator         Seymour  College
Timer                    Benalla P-12
RESULT              Werrimull  P-12 (6.6 pts)  Vs   Grovedale  PS (5.9 pts)

Debate 2 TOPIC: “That we should spend more money on exploring space
Schools                Tallangatta PS (AFFIRMATIVE)  Vs Torquay  PS (NEGATIVE)

Adjudicator        Mildura West PS
Timer                   Benalla P-12
RESULT            Tallangatta PS (4.2 pts)  Vs   Torquay  PS (7.1 pts)

Group B: Thursday 7 May

Debate 1 TOPIC: “That Minecraft should be allowed at school”
Schools                Tawonga PS  (AFFIRMATIVE)  Vs Peranbin PC (NEGATIVE)
Adjudicator       Upper Plenty  PS 
Timer                  Colac PS
RESULT            Tawonga PS  (8.1 pts)    Vs    Peranbin PC (7.1 pts)

Debate 2 TOPIC: “Greyhound racing is cruel and should be banned”
Schools                   Apsley PS (AFFIRMATIVE)  Vs Myrrhee PS    (NEGATIVE)

Adjudicator           Grovedale PS
Timer                     Colac PS
RESULT              Apsley PS  (7.6 pts)     Vs     Myrrhee PS (7.7 pts)

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