Session 2  Week 2  Tuesday 21 April and Thursday 23 April

Debating Round 1:

Debate 1 TOPIC: “That Tony Abbott should remain as leader of the Government”

Group A: Tuesday 21 April
School 1                Seymour College (AFFIRMATIVE)  Vs School 2  Werrimull P-12 School (NEGATIVE)
Adjudicator      Torquay P6 College                            Timer  = Mildura West PS

RESULT: Seymour College = 6.06       Werrimul P-12 School = 6.1

Group B: Thursday 23 April- Orientation and Introductory Session


Debate 2 TOPIC: “That the number of native timber trees that can be logged should be restricted”

Group A: Tuesday 21 April
School 3                Grovedale PS  (AFFIRMATIVE)  Vs School 4  Tallangatta PS (NEGATIVE)
Adjudicator      Benalla P-12 College                      Timer  = Mildura West PS

RESULT: Grovedale PS = 6.0           Tallangatta PS = 6.2


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