Semi-Finals Group A Tuesday 9 June , Group B Thursday 11 June
The four teams with the highest average score go into the semi-finals. 

Group A Tuesday 9 June

Debate 1 Topic: “That parents should be allowed to smack their children”
1st Vs 3rd
    Benalla P-12 College (Affirmative) Vs Torquay P6 College (Negative)
Adjudicator  Mildura West Primary School
Timer Tallangatta Primary School

RESULT: Benalla P-12 College(  7.15  pts)  Vs Torquay P6 College (  5.7   pts)

Debate 2 Topic: “That hunting should be banned in Australia”
2nd Vs 4th
   Werrimull P-12 School (Affirmative) Vs Seymour College (Negative)
Adjudicator  Grovedale Primary School
Timer Tallangatta PS

RESULT: Werrimull P-12 School(  6.2  pts)  Vs Seymour College(  5.35   pts)

So Werrimull and Benalla progress to the Grand Final

Semi-Finals Group B Thursday 11 June 

Debate 1 Topic: “That animal testing for medical / cosmetic purpose should be banned”
3rd  Vs 1st
 Peranbin Primary College (Affirmative) Vs Upper Plenty Primary School (Negative)
Adjudicator Myrrhee Primary School      Timer Grovedale Primary School

RESULT: ___________(    pts)  Vs ___________(     pts)

Debate 2 Topic: “That it should be compulsory to finish Year 12”
2nd Vs 4th
     Apsley Primary School Vs Tawonga Primary School
Adjudicator Colac Primary School      Timer Grovedale PS

RESULT: ___________(    pts)  Vs ___________(     pts)

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