Welcome to Series 2 – Term 2 2015

Victorian Interschool Debating Leadership Program …

In Term 1 we had 5 schools, in Term 2 we had 14 schools from across the State in the Year 5/6 Series and 4 schools in the Year 7 Series.

Term 2 program is fully subscribed

This is first and foremost a leadership program for Year 5/6 students which develops critical thinking skills, learning how to collaborate well with their peers, how to deal with real world problems and solutions, how to use technology effectively and to get to know students in distant schools; all in an exciting atmosphere of friendship and inquiry.


Created by Brendan O’Brien from NEV Region – Benalla P-12 College    BC 

 In Series 2, there are 14 schools in two parallel groups, the Tuesday Group A, and Thursday Group B.

Group A each Tuesday from 2:30 to 3:10pm

Benalla P-12 College Grovedale PS Seymour College
Mildura West PS Tallangatta PS Torquay P6 College
Werrimull P-12 School.………….. Group A: now FULL


Group B each Thursday from 2:30 to 3:10pm.

Myrrhee Primary School………. Upper Plenty Primary School, Colac Primary School
Apsley Primary School Tawonga Primary School Peranbin Primary College
Grovedale PS Group B is now FULL


Each group consists of 7 competing schools:

Group A on Tuesdays: Hosted by Grovedale PS, Benalla P-12 College, Seymour College, Mildura West PS, Tallangatta PS, Torquay P6 College, Werrimull P-12 School,   FULLY SUBSCRIBED

Group B on Thursdays : Hosted by Benalla P-12 College, Myrrhee Primary School, Upper Plenty PS, Colac Primary School, Werrimull P-12 School, Peranbin Primary College, Tawonga PS, Grovedale PS  FULLY SUBSCRIBED

Each week in Term 2, there are 14 schools debating a variety of topics over the DET Polycom Videoconferencing Network. (If you don’t have a Polycom unit, you can use Lync instead, and your techs will be happy to install it on your laptop)

 Session 1 Week 1  Tues 14 April (Group A) Thurs 16 April (Group B) Introduction to the program

The Basics of Debating, Rules, Mental and Vocal Fluency Exercises and Speaking & Listening Games, The DRAW.

Session 2 Week 2  Tuesday 21 April (Group A) Thursday 23 April (Group B) Debate Round 1
Debate 1:      1 V 2   Adj=5 Timer=6      Debate 2:     3 V 4  Adj=7 Timer=6

Session 3 Week 3  Tuesday 28 April (Group A) Thursday 30 April (Group B) Debate Round 2
Debate 1:      5 V 6   Adj=3 Timer=2      Debate 2:     7 V 1  Adj=4 Timer=2

Session 4 Week 4 Tuesday 5 May (Group A) Thursday 7 May (Group B) Debate Round 3
Debate 1:      2 V 3   Adj=1 Timer=7      Debate 2:     4 V 5  Adj=6 Timer=7

Session 5 Week  5  Tuesday 12 May (Group A) Thursday 14 May (Group B) Debate Round 4
Debate 1:      6 V 7   Adj=2 Timer=5      Debate 2:     1 V 4  Adj=3 Timer=5

Session 6 Week 6 Tuesday 19 May (Group A) Thursday 21 May (Group B) Debate Round 5
Debate 1:      2 V 5   Adj=1 Timer=4      Debate 2:     3 V 7  Adj=6 Timer=4

Session 7 Week 7 Tuesday 26 May (Group A) Thursday 28 May (Group B) Debate Round 6
Debate 1:      4 V 6   Adj=2 Timer=1      Debate 2:     7 V 5  Adj=3 Timer=1

Session 8 Week 8 Tuesday 2 June (Group A) Thursday 4 June (Group B) Debate Round 7
Debate 1:      1 V 3   Adj=4 Timer=5      Debate 2:     6 V 2  Adj=7 Timer=5

Session 9 Week 9 Tuesday 9 June (Group A) Thursday 11 June (Group B) Semi-Finals
The four top teams play off: No.1 Vs No.3 and No.2 Vs No.4

Session 10 Week 10 Tuesday 16 June (Group A) Thursday 18 June (Group B) Grand Finals
The two winning teams from the Semi-finals play off for the Title.

Adjudicators: Sandy Phillips sandy  and Peter Maggs peterfrom DET Digital Learning & Practice


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